Until a few years ago, I also considered myself a traveler, I just like to travel, not even knowing the real meaning of the traveling.

This is the night that I was walking alone on a beach. I saw that a dolphin was suffering on the shore, and I approached and discovered that she was struggling to breathe. After a thorough examination, I found that a plastic bag was stuck in her throat. With the help of an elderly person passing by, we were able to remove the plastic bag after 15 minutes of efforts from the dolphin's throat and released her back to the sea. His eyes seemed pleased to be alive and to thank us. And I felt proud and ashamed to see her at the same time, proud to rescue her and ashamed to inadvertently harm the environment. When I looked at the beach around me, there was a lot of waste propagation.

Browsing on the internet at home, I found that every year about 100 million marine animals die due to litter and industrial waste spread on beaches, about 90 million forest animals are getting killed due to deforestation. And millions of birds die as a result of air pollution. These numbers are beyond belief, right? But it is a disgraceful truth of human beings. Not only animals but human beings also have to bear the punishment for their mistakes in the form of earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, bizarre climate changes, etc. I took lessons from all that was happening and the next day I started some awareness programs, helped with money to environmental saving NGOs. But soon I realized that I can't help this environment much, just with the salary of my work. Then, fed up with the environmentally damaging products of most brands, I created my own environmental Friendly Products' company in the year 2017 - 25% of which revenue goes to protecting the environment and making people aware of it.

So don't say you're a true wanderer until you work for our environment or raise awareness to save the environment. That's how the " TRUEWANDRER™ " got established to help the environment around the world.

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